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If you would like to have pages on our site translated into another language, please use one of the services below. Devon County Council is not able to vouch for the accuracy of any external website.

Over 50 languages are spoken in Devon the most commonly used being:

There are hundreds of languages spoken in Devon, as well as British Sign Language (BSL) which is used by Deaf people. We sometimes get asked which are the ‘top ten’ foreign languages spoken in Devon, but these can vary depending upon changes in patterns of migration and it does not necessarily determine translation needs (if users of the top languages are also fluent in English).

If you cannot communicate easily in English, you can still speak to us over the telephone. Devon County Council uses a confidential and free translation service called Language Line to help communicate with non English speaking customers.

To access the service, please go to a local social services office and point to your language on the Language Line poster in reception. You will take part in a three way conversation with the translator and a member of our staff. Your name and the details of the call will not be recorded.

A text translation and text to speech translation service is also available, alternatively, we may be able to put you in touch with a local translator.

More information on all Translation and Interpretation services.

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