Three fined for littering in North Devon

Posted on: 9 July 2019

Dumping bags of rubbish in laybys and next to bins is classed as littering, as three North Devon locals recently found out.

The council is taking action against people dumping bags of rubbish next to litter bins, following an increase in household waste being dumped in public areas in recent weeks.

A South Molton woman was fined £100 for dumping household waste next to a litter bin in a layby on the A361 in Barnstaple last week. In a separate incident, a man who is resident in Barnstaple and Essex was also fined £100 for dumping his waste in the same layby.

Another man living in Barnstaple town centre also received a £100 fine for dumping a very large TV box outside in the street, expecting it to be collected. These incidents were all witnessed and reported by local people who are frustrated by the damaging effects littering has on our local community and environment.

Leader of North Devon Council, Councillor David Worden, says: “These recent fines should demonstrate to the public that we are continuing to clamp down on people who commit littering and fly tipping offences in our area. It also highlights the important role local residents have to play in spotting and reporting things to us – without their vigilance we wouldn’t have been able to catch those responsible. Please report environmental offences, we really need the community to help keep our district clean.”

Alan Kyle from North Devon Council’s Environmental Protection team, says: “These incidents came to light as a result of diligent early morning workers, who observed the items being dumped and contacted us. Please only present your waste for collection outside your house or at designated collection points in line with the collection dates and times for your area. Leaving bags of rubbish around the district will not be tolerated and fines will be issued. Dumped bags are easily ripped apart by wildlife, which creates an even bigger mess to clean up and can cause even greater harm to our environment.”

Household waste is collected fortnightly, and in some areas once every three weeks, by the council’s waste and recycling team. If you forget to put your bin out, you will need to hold on to it until your next collection day. If the waste team fails to empty your black bin on collection day, report it online at www.northdevon.gov.uk/collections. If you have bulky items to dispose of, book a bulky waste collection rather than dumping it. Call the council on 01271 374776 to arrange a bulky collection.

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