Major improvements planned for Ilfracombe Harbour

Ilfracombe harbourMajor improvements are planned for Ilfracombe Harbour

Posted on: 11 March 2019

Major improvements are being planned for Ilfracombe Harbour to make it safer and more welcoming to its visitors.

The plans include:

  • creating an official entrance so people know they are entering the harbour
  • improving the facilities for the commercial operators with brand new, fit for purpose, ticket sales kiosks that are modern, inviting and designed in cooperation with the interested boat trip operators
  • removing the 1950s booths which will open up the vista of the harbour entrance to be more welcoming for residents and visitors
  • widening the road, vastly improving the safety of pedestrians and cars
  • creating a larger trading area for the commercial boat operators along the side of the pier, alleviating the cramped and congested area occupied by the old booths, creating a more pleasant environment for all harbour users
  • enabling the underlying pipework that provides fresh water to be upgraded which is currently hard to access

Chairman of Ilfracombe Harbour Board Cllr Geoff Fowler says: “The current booths were never built for their current purpose and do not reflect the image of regeneration that Ilfracombe is striving for. There is now the opportunity to look to the future and bring in a new era of vitality to the harbour for the benefit of everyone.”

Deputy Chairman of Ilfracombe Harbour Board Cllr Ian Meadlarkin says: “Ilfracombe Harbour is a wonderful facility but it needs to be made safer and more inviting. These plans are about celebrating the heritage of the harbour but also making it fit for purpose for the future.”

The new kiosks are due to be installed in April with a planning application for the road widening expected to be made later in the year.

A public consultation will take place on what the public would like to see marking the new entrance.

5 comments on “Major improvements planned for Ilfracombe Harbour

  1. john goodman says:

    Leave the Enterance alone,Car drivers slow down which is safer and cheaper than all your rubbish ideas

  2. A ORourke says:

    Still waiting for faise 2and3 of the pier .Bunch of bloody liars.

  3. Tim Matthews says:

    If you change it nobody will come.

  4. Pam Ley says:

    Please explain how widening the road will make it safer? I can’t see that at all as crossing from one side to the other has to be more difficult with traffic in both directions, than just waiting for an individual car to enter or exit! Many, or even most, pedestrians cross near the kiosks.

  5. Stephen Barbeary Ilfracombe Princess boat trips says:

    This has nothing to do with safety. You are yet to file any evidence supporting your claims of kiosks disrepair or from Highways that they support your proposal you will in fact increase the speed of vehicles in this area making it less safe not more. Your removal of the toll booths will open a view of 5 new ugly metal boxes stretching 28 metres along the pier. What you are doing is to trying to raise revenues from boatmen some by as much as 450% and to remove the statutory protection of their existing leases. To do this you are borrowing £132595 and you will never lose as much as a £100,000 over the life of the project. Bureauocracy gone wrong.

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