Waste and recycling collections suspended

Posted on: 1 March 2018

North Devon’s waste and recycling collections will be suspended until Monday due to the severe weather.

All vehicles were called back to the depot at 1pm today due to freezing temperatures causing dangerous driving conditions. They will also not be able to make any collections tomorrow (Friday).

Customers are asked to wait until their next scheduled collections to put their bins and recycling out and the teams will take away anything extra that’s presented.

Lead Member for Waste and Recycling Cllr Rodney Cann says: “We realise this will inconvenience people but we have to put the safety of the public and also our staff first. 22 tonne lorries and icy, snowy roads do not make a good combination so we hope the public will understand why we’ve taken this step. We will take away anything extra that’s put out next time so hopefully people will be able to manage.”

The council closed to the public at 1pm today and is yet to make a decision about opening tomorrow (Friday). Customers are asked to check the council’s website or social media pages for further updates.

2 comments on “Waste and recycling collections suspended

  1. Malcolm. says:

    It’s 23March, no black bin collection this week on Saunton Park Braunton.
    When is next collection?

    • Mair says:

      Hello, sorry about your missed collection, the vehicle broke down mid-route. A crew is returning to empty black bins in Braunton tomorrow (Saturday 25 March), so please leave your bin out for collection, thanks.

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