The message is clear – we won’t tolerate mess and neither should you!

Posted on: 29 January 2018

North Devon Council’s environmental protection team is launching a new campaign encouraging local residents and visitors to respect our environment and help keep North Devon clean.

The aim of the Clear Messages campaign is to spread awareness of environmental issues and explain to North Devon residents how they can help to keep North Devon clear of litter, fly-tipping, dog’s mess and abandoned vehicles.

Making the council’s environmental protection team more visible on the streets is the first step towards highlighting the issues they are tackling across the district on a daily basis and their vehicles are now blazoned with eye-catching designs to make you stop and think.

North Devon Council’s Neighbourhood Officers are responsible for investigating environmental issues including dog fouling, littering, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles. They are also the district’s dog wardens – handling dog control issues, microchipping and picking up lost and stray dogs across the district.

As well as their regular patrols, the Neighbourhood Officers will be attending local events throughout the year and working with parish councils and community groups to tackle environmental issues in their neighbourhoods. Downloadable campaign materials will also be made available to support the efforts of local community groups.

Executive Member responsible for the Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: “The neighbourhood officers’ vehicles are now very easy to spot and the message is clear – the council is on the look-out for environmental crimes and we want you to help keep North Devon clean! We do not tolerate environmental crimes and will prosecute those responsible, but equally we want to spread the message that it’s a crime not to care. So, please don’t turn a blind eye if you see someone dropping litter or failing to pick up their dog’s mess – report it and work with us to put a stop to it.”

The council has already issued a fine and made a prosecution for fly-tipping this year. Multiple prosecutions last year included fly-tipping, littering and abandoned vehicle offences.

Neighbourhood Officer, Ray Jones, says: “There’s a lot of pride in North Devon for our beautiful coastline and countryside, but not everyone treats the area with respect. As Neighbourhood Officers our role isn’t just about enforcing the rules and making prosecutions, we want to support local communities to be more proactive and change attitudes to environmental crimes through education and advice. So look out for us in the coming months, both on the streets and on social media using #dontmessabout and #stopmessingaround. Challenge it, report it and together we can change it.”

If you have an environmental issue in your area or would like to report fly-tipping, littering, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles and other environmental issues, get in touch with the environmental protection team online at or call 01271 388870.

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