Selling cars on a public highway costs Barnstaple businessman over £1000

Barnstaple magistrates courtBarnstaple magistrates court

Posted on: 17 October 2017

A man from Barnstaple has been successfully prosecuted by North Devon Council for using the highway outside his car sales business to display vehicles advertised for sale.

On 12 October 2017 at Barnstaple Magistrates Court, Mr John Orme-Smalley, 30, the proprietor of The 4×4 Range cars sales outlet on the A361 at Chivenor Cross, pleaded guilty to the offence of selling vehicles on the road.

Mr Orme-Smalley was fined £350, as well as being ordered to pay costs of £706.32, and a victim surcharge of £35.

Councillor Rodney Cann, Executive Member for the Environment, says: “It is unacceptable for anyone operating as a business to use the public highway in this way. In this case the person responsible was warned a number of times, and when he did not comply he was issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100.  It was only when this was not paid that the council went to court – resulting in significantly increased costs to him, and a criminal conviction.

“The ban on this particular activity comes under The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, 2005 and the council will continue to actively enforce it. It applies when two or more vehicles are offered for sale on the highway within 500 metres of each other, and as part of a business.”

If you are concerned about similar activity in your neighbourhood, please contact or phone 01271 388870 with details of the vehicles and the location.

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