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Becoming anti-racist. Strategic Alignment. Devon County Council. Organisational theme: 1) strengthening resources, governance and accountability. Aligned to Core behaviours committed and authentic. Aligned to strategic value ‘a trusted council that leads and collaborates well, makes good decisions, uses resources effectively and is financially resilient’. Organisational theme 2) creating a safe and inclusive working environment. Aligned to core behaviours Respectful. Aligned to strategic value ‘an inclusive council that is intolerant to prejudice and discrimination, invests in, develops and nurtures our workforce, and hears the voices of all our communities’. Organisational theme 3) shaping organisational culture. Aligned to core behaviour Generous (enable learning, development and growth). Aligned to strategic values an inclusive council and an innovative council that listens and learns, uses data well and transforms the way we work in order to improve our services to the people of Devon. Organisational theme 3) building better understanding through data and insight. Aligned to core behaviours curious and inspiring. Aligned to strategic value an innovative council.

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