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Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

3 comments on “Lynton and Lynmouth

  1. Glen |

    The youth service should be saved from any cuts, it does way more than play pool and drink coffee, I used the service from the age of 13, where we have had help and support from professional trained youth workers, on drugs and alcohol, sexual health, support with home work and help with making desions on college and carreer choices and going on residentials and working with other agencies..

    3/4 years ago we lost our local club due to the safety of the building, so a group of senior members met with youth workers in a local nursing home once a week to work on a small project of our choice , which was to refurbish an old park in the village for 2+ years we worked on this making models meeting with local council working with a company who build parks. Earlyer this year. The park was opened and gets used but members of the public of all ages. Also in this time we found an old computer center and have opened it up as the new club.

    I am now trained in youth work and have been a volunteer for 2 years 2 nights a week in Lynton and combemartin and have fun raised to buy new equipment for the Lynton

    Being a volunteer , like the payed youth workers , we don’t do it for the money we do it for the young people who deserve to have the support and guidence I had to get the best out of life.

  2. Christine Bowden |

    It would be nothing short of criminal to take away the minute youth service provision that Lynton has left.As someone who as been heavily involved in supporting the excellent voluntary service we had until DCC condemed the building we met in I know how valuable youth clubs/meeting places are to the young people of our isolated and somewhat disadvantaged community.Our childen often cannot take part in after school activities as they cannot get home from school some 18miles away with no public transport available.If anything DCC should be providing more support for young people in rural areas not less!! Not an easy task in the current financial climate but remember these young people of today are tomorrows electorate!! DO NOT FAIL THEM !

  3. Anon |

    A rural youth club, take it away… What’s left for the young people?
    We need the youth service here, trained, professional workers, dedicated to ensuring young people can meet and learn in a safe space…