What do we know about young people in Ilfracombe?

  • Ilfracombe has 3 areas in the most deprived LSOA quartile
  • 14.1% of pupils in Ilfracombe have Free School meals compared to a UK average of 18.2% eligible for FSM in 2012
  • 388 children have special education needs
  • 19.8% of children 0-15 are benefits dependent compared to 12.4% for the County. This is the only learning community in Devon that is the higher than the England average.
  • 6% of young people in substance misuse treatment in Devon come from Ilfracombe
  • As at end of March 13 Ilfracombe was ranked 8thinDevonforthe highest number of NEETs
  • In 2006-08 Ilfracombe had one of the highest conception rates in the County

Are there gaps in provision around these issues?

  • Careers
  • Benefits advice
  • Special Needs Support
  • Sexual Health
  • Family Planning

Third sector agencies working in Ilfracombe

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • North Devon car scheme
  • Scope Northern Devon Face to Face serviced

Public sector agencies working in Ilfracombe

  • Ilfracombe Family Planning
  • Ilfracombe Hospital GUM clinic
  • Combe Martin Youth Club
  • The Real McCaf
  • Ilfracombe Arts College Youth Service
  • The Lantern Youth Centre

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

3 comments on “Ilfracombe

  1. Stephen |

    False economy to shut the only early help, prevention and intervention service in this area for young people in the 11-19 age range.

  2. Jess |

    The public sector youth services we have in Ilfracombe are extremely important to our community, it is however often difficult to get appointments with the GUM and family planning clinic. This makes the services that are provided by the Ilfracombe Arts college branch of the youth service and the Real McCaf all the more important and vital to our community. I, myself, have been attending the real mccaf since I was in year 7 and over the last few years have also been involved in the real mccaf further as a part of the senior member team. Since the first cuts began we have been fighting to have our voices heard and will continue to do so until we have succeeded. The youth service, in particular our youth workers and real mccaf, are vital to this town. I would not be where I am today if it were not for the youth service and the real mccaf and I have seen them help many more people. This town would fall in to ruin if it weren’t for the youth service as there would no longer be enough support for the young people of this town, and we are already suffering from previous cuts. Further cuts would take a vital part of our town away and severely effect the lives if the young people in our town.

  3. Rox |

    I’d like to point out that the information held about Ilfracombe is grossly out of date.
    Verve has been closed for over a year, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau are only available one day a week by appointment and the Lantern is closed for urgent structural repairs. Family planning and the GUM clinic are not always open either.
    This means that young people have a severely reduced amount of agencies/groups to approach for advice/help when they need it. Without the Youth Service and it’s own provisions, young people will be left with very few places to go when they need support. The Real McCaf and College youth services provide a vital service which not only covers sexual health but most issues young people face. They provide an ear for those in crisis, a place for people to go and relax in safety, facilitate contact with other agencies if young people require, non-judgmental support for those who just want to chat, and help catch young people before they require targeted support.
    Turning youth provision into something which only covers those when they are in crisis is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Surely it makes more sense (ethically, socially and even financially) to provide an open youth provision which can support ALL before they have to be referred to specific teams?
    It would be heartbreaking to lose something so vital to our community which has been a support to young people for years- in fact, it may well be seeing the children of the first young people it helped. It is a service that helps foster self-esteem and independence in those it sees. It helps promote a positive image of young people to communities through events. It provides a bridge between agencies, a safety net to catch those outside of the small criteria they hold and has a long-lasting impact on it’s service users.
    Please don’t strip this heartbeat from our community.