Exeter – EX4

Third sector agencies working in EX4

  • Social Opportunities (SOCOPS)
  • Headway Devon
  • Citizens Advice
  • Devon FA Disability Football Player Development Centre
  • Disability Activities at South West Athletics Academy
  • Exeter City Wheelchair Football Club
  • Exeter SoccerSight
  • SEEDS Devon
  • Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE)
  • The LINX Programme
  • Homework Club at Riverside Church
  • Relate – Exeter and District
  • Exeter Contraception Service
  • Exeter Foodbank, YMCA, Intercom Trust
  • X-Plore Youth Group
  • Devon Eating Disorders Parent/Carer Support Group
  • The Olive Tree Association
  • Breathing Space at Exeter
  • Contact a Family – East and South Devon
  • Exeter Heart Families Support Group
  • Community Action
  • Beacon Heath Children’s Centre Young Parents
  • West Exe Children’s Centre Young Parents
  • The Loft Club Tin Lane PRO
  • Exwick Community Centre
  • Bethany House Exeter Arena, Exeter Saracens, Skate Park
  • Running, team gym
  • ISCA, Church in St James High School
  • SARC
  • Beacon heath Church
  • Esther House
  • Exeter City football club – football in the community
  • Church groups
  • YES centre
  • The River Church Youth Club.
  • Belmont Church Youth Club
  • Children Centre
  • Young carers Westbank
  • ICE school youth team
  • Pinhoe Youth Club
  • Pinhoe Scout Group
  • Pinhoe Guides

Public sector agencies working in EX4

  • Careers South West
  • The Knight Club
  • Exeter GUM Clinic
  • Westside Youth Centre
  • Youth Offending Team
  • YISP
  • Devon Youth Services in Exeter offer sexual health services to young people, as do the Atkinson Unit, trained by DYS endorsed by North Devon Healthcare Trust.
  • Knight Club
  • Street based youth work

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

5 comments on “Exeter – EX4

  1. Connor Gibbons |

    If it closed everyone would be hanging on the street and there would be loads of trouble. I like meeting friends and making new friends. It’s good and I like coming here.

  2. ryan collins |

    youth clubs are a great way to meet new people and to become a part of the community, I would miss youth clubs because they provide the younger generation something to do.

  3. Alex Hammett |

    I’ve meet new people by coming to the Knight club. I’ve completed a Devon award. If the knight club wasn’t here I would be upset and it gives me somewhere to go in the evenings. it’s fun coming to the knight club. I’ve been coming here for 4 to 5 years. when I am here I chat to my friends. Because I go to another school by coming here I get a chance to meet other young people.

  4. Eleanor Willson |

    I’m a young person who has attendant the Knight Club since 2005, before that I went to Headway. While have been at the club I have learnt how to be around others, helping with my maths on the Tuck shop by teaching me how to manage a budget. how to handle cash and Support workers here help me with my learning difficulties. I have also done a Devon Award and cooking award. The Knight gives time for me away from all of the stress of my family and when mum wants time away from me. Everyone has gotten to know me for who I am and has not prejudged me!

  5. Avril Machen |

    As an Area Youth Worker, working in two learning communities I feel it is really important to point out that Westside Youth Centre – Buddle lane and Knight Club – Beacon heath, are based in high deprivation areas, Targeted Families agenda and high level of ASB.
    Westside has come a long way in bedding the youth centre back into the community where it is loved and valued. Young people living on the west side of the river only have the opportunity of this DYS centre to attend. (other then accessing the Street Team). yp have made it very clear they value DYS and the work it does. It will be a huge step back to lose the centre or staff. On average youth worker have 7 years of training ! – As other people have already stated that Youth work is a skill. If you were thinking it just tea and pool please come and read our safe guarding file and our session forms to just get a glimpse of what we are dealing with daily. What is not seen or hard to evidence is all the work that goes in to youth work (front ended) so that young people do not become as ‘targeted family’ or involved in ASB or dependent on Drug or Alcohol etc. we work with young people to enable them to better their own lives to make informed choices, so that they can reach their FULL PROTENTAL. We start where young people are at and we don’t judge, so if a young person walks into one of my Centre’s they are made to feel safe and welcome. If they choice to disclose something to us it does not change the relationship, we work with what we got.
    Knight Club- has been embedded into the community of Beacon Heath and majority of families send their children to the youth centre from the age of 11. We hold close relationships with the local police / PCSO who often work with us on supporting yp and looking at needs. We also work closely with the high School and support them with services that they have identified as lacking in the school. Ie YEAH (Youth Enquiry and Health) we bring the mobile into the school to look at a range of topics that support young people to be informed. whether its around relationships or Sex health or internet safety- IPhones / Facebook even CEOPS training.
    I find it hard to understand why the youth service is the only service that is being targeted, when I truly believe we are one of the only services out there that is supporting all the agenda and getting results. DYS should be invested in not shredded.