Previous engagement phase of review

Process so far and principles

Work to inform the remodelling of the Youth Service started in July 2013. Engagement events took place with staff, young people, voluntary sector organisations, communities and local councillors during September 2013. This built on previous reviews and the learning from these reviews has been considered within this proposal.

Engagement has included face to face events across Devon and a dedicated website for feedback. Staff and partner events were held at a range of times and locations, together with a range of engagement processes for young people. We have had input from over 650 young people, 130 Youth Service staff and 140 community and voluntary representatives. There have been over 1,500 visits to the website and over 200 comments made.

As a result of this engagement activity we published a series of ten Principles designed to underpin the Youth Service remodelling. During October and November 2013 we met with staff, young people and others to sense check these principles. We have also developed a needs assessment.

Our Principles

  1. The key elements of our youth work process should be embedded in all future work, whether that work is delivered by DCC or as a commissioned service from another organisation.
  2. We will need to measure work with young people in Devon, either in-house or commissioned, and report on the impact the work has on young people’s lives.
  3. Third Sector organisations, such as charities and voluntary groups, should be supported to deliver services to young people including, where appropriate, support with planning and funding so that they can directly deliver services.
  4. There should be clear pathways between services which allow young people to access specialist support when needed and then move on. Service design should be based on understood need across Devon.
  5. Any decisions about Youth Service buildings should be looked at as part of DCC’s wider estate rationalisation programme, and should look at different ways to keep buildings in use where evidence shows that they are needed in that community. The criteria developed by stakeholders should inform all decision-making.
  6. We need to continue to listen to young people throughout the remodelling process. Any new services should be designed and commissioned to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and responded to.
  7. A partnership strategy and action plan should be developed to create arobust information, advice and guidance strategy for young people aged 11-19 in Devon.
  8. We should undertake a review of all potential income-generating activities with the aim of making activities at the least cost neutral.
  9. Ensure that partnership working is undertaken throughout to secure added value.
  10. Ensure that the work of Devon Youth Service is generating income in a mature, consistent and sustainable way – gaining support from partners who have an interest in the work we do.