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Frequently asked questions

Can you provide details of the people in my area and the ideas they are putting forward?

We cannot disclose to you  the names and contact details of anyone else that may have made representations at this stage, as data protection rules would apply.

All comments/responses received during the Public Consultation process will be taken into account in the final feedback following the consultation exercise, and all representations would be made available publicly at that time.

We would intend to publish such interest via the website (after this interest has been confirmed as phase 2 of the consultation, and we have permission to disclose).

How much are DCC proposing to cut the Youth Service’s budget overall?

The Youth Service’s current budget is £3.72m and will need to be reduced by £740k in year one and a further £927k in year two.

How is this decrease being distributed across the Council’s services?

The £110 million is an estimate and may be more or less depending on Government funding levels that are not yet known.  Reductions have been determined and allocated across services for 2014/15, but savings have not yet been fully determined and allocated for the following two years.

How much is Devon’s budget been cut overall?

Devon County Council’s budget of £500 million is being reduced by £110 million over the next three years.

How do I have my say?

You are invited to comment on the proposal here.

What is Devon’s statutory duty?

Statutory guidance states that the local authority (Devon County Council) has a duty to secure, so far as is reasonably practicable, equality of access to preventative and early help services.

Local authorities do not need to provide services directly; they can support other agencies to provide these services.

I am a Devon Youth Service member of staff, will I lose my job?

A formal consultation with staff and their representatives will start on 3 March 2014. A proposed model will be provided which takes into account feedback received during the public consultation. Details about the effect these proposals may have on staff will be covered in this process. The formal consultation will run until 27 April 2014, and during this period staff and the public will have the opportunity to feedback and all responses will be considered and fed back to staff by the 12 May 2014.

How do I register an interest in providing a service or using a building?

Staff, communities and groups are invited throughout the consultation to propose alternative and innovative models of delivery, including ways to use buildings and resources. If you have a proposal, please fill out the form to express an interest and we will get back to you with more information on the process for considering your proposal.

Will my youth centre close?

The proposal is that DCC will no longer manage or run any youth centres. Many have partnership arrangements in place. The proposed targeted approach means the County Council would no longer manage or run more traditional centre-based activities aimed at universal support for all youngsters.

However, community and voluntary groups or others with an interest will be invited to suggest alternative models for the provision of local universal services or express an interest in taking over the council’s youth centres.

What is the timetable?

3 February: Public consultation starts – Phase 1: Online

10 February: Public Consultation starts – Phase 2: Public meetings – details of public meetings can be found here.

27 April: Public Consultation ends

12 May: Public Consultation Feedback published online.