Previous engagement phase of review

Draft vision and challenges for the future

Meeting the needs of young people that most need services, reflecting the changes and increasing expectations for our safeguarding role and social care whilst adapting to reducing budgets is the challenge we face, however we are confident that we can achieve this.

This document underpinned the engagement events held to harness the voices of all those crucial stakeholders. This input shaped our proposals in order that it complements the wider youth offer available to children and young people in Devon.

Government Policy, Positive for Youth, set out the coalition’s government’s vision for services for young people. A recently released document – Positive for Youth: Progress since December 2011 – continues to advocate the need to offer support to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, despite reducing resources.

There is opportunity along with Devon’s emerging Early Help Strategy, enabling a continuum of help and support to respond to different levels of need of individual young people and families, with services coming together to offer synergies and enhanced support for young people.

It is also clear that we need to ensure that Youth Work skills are used in providing the offer of Early Help/Prevention/ Targeted work further to the Ofsted inspection published in May 2013.

Devon’s youth service has a skilled workforce that needs to be directed to work alongside young people most in need of support.  In order to make this happen in Devon we may need to rethink our individual roles which will be both a challenging and exciting opportunity.

Cllr Will Mumford
August 2013