WW2 bomb detonation in Exeter

Most information for residents affected by the WW2 bomb detonation is now being coordinated by Exeter City Council – please refer to their information pages or call their helpline on 01392 265000 or follow their Facebook or Twitter accounts.


This information is for people who have were or have been evacuated from their properties. If you need to share the address of this page you can use: devon.cc/evacuate


Residents outside of the 100-metre exclusion zone were able to return home as of 6.00 pm Sunday 28 February. Any residents from within the 100-metre exclusion zone who are worried or concerned, or who require accommodation or other support, can phone Exeter City Council on 01392 265000. If you incurred costs while out of your home, Devon County Council will reimburse your hotel and associated food and travel costs for the 27 and/or 28 Febuary. Details below.


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How to claim financial support

Devon County Council will provide financial support to those residents who had to stay in a hotel on the 27 and/or 28 February. Any claims for support from 1 March onwards please contact the Exeter City Council helpline on 01392 265000. Support can be claimed for:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Meal expenses for breakfast, lunch and evening meal
  • Taxi expenses incurred from home to hotel and back

You will need to provide the following documents:

  • Contact details
  • Bank details
  • Location of hotel
  • Copy of receipts

Claim expenses