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To champion the user need above all else, and to use that to inform the services we design

12 million page views delivered to over 700,000 people

200 digital apprenticeships to be in place by 2020 to support the digital delivery agenda

Over 90% of the 18,000 applications for school places in 2017/18 completed online

You’ll already know that digital transformation is not about using technology to digitise the status quo. Our focus is on changing the way we do things by understanding the needs of our users and designing services that make it easy for them to get things done.

To realise that ambition we are establishing a new team to work closely with service teams on the challenge of service redesign and digital delivery. This is allowing us to delve deeply into existing user behaviour and service delivery to identify needs and solutions that are enabled by digital technologies. Find out more about Digital Devon and watch Digital Transformation Manager, Kieron Kilbride talk about the role of the Digital Transformation Team.

Freeing social workers to spend more time with clients

Delivering ‘live’ information to aid decision making

Using the latest technology to plan and problem solve