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DCC invests over £3.5 million in IT each year

DCC has an ICT Roadmap refreshed every 3 years

We support 5720 ICT users

In the ICT Commissioning Team we design, purchase and manage IT services on behalf of the County Council, making sure these best value services meet our current business needs, and planning and developing IT services to meet our future needs.

This means that when a service area identifies a potential need we work closely with them to design their IT, either hardware or software, to best deliver their desired outcomes
We have staff who work in strategy, technical architecture and business relationship management, such as Technical Architects and Business Partners.

We also have staff who work on managing ICT change and our contracts with our ICT suppliers, such as Project Managers and a Supplier Relationship Manager.

We also have a team who specialise in ICT Adoption and Change, helping DCC staff to get the best from the ICT services we provide.

ICT Commissioning work with a range of ICT Suppliers including our internal supplier, Scomis.

Why I enjoy working for Devon