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The Inclusion Team plays a key role in support children and young people to access school which supporting schools and settings for children with additional needs.. The Team are responsible for ensuring Devon children and young people have access to education and work closely with the 0-25 SEN team, DCC Virtual School and DCC Admissions.

The Team process around 20,000 requests for school places each academic year as well as around 13,000 free school meal applications.

The work of the Inclusion Team is varied and includes:
• Support for children & young people who are at risk of exclusion
• Support for children & young people who are unable to attend school because of health issues or other reason.
• Advising schools and settings in strategies to support children and young people
• managing data
• creating & delivering training for governors on exclusion guidance
• Supporting families with Early Help and ensuring that there is a nominated lead
• liaison with other agencies, such as social care, 0-25 SEN, transport and Admissions
• Acting on behalf of school prosecuting for irregular school attendance.

The role can sometimes involve having challenging but supportive discussions with both children and young people about their behaviour, health issues and their school attendance, with their parents, with schools and settings about the support and strategies in place and with support agencies and providers.

Job roles include Inclusion Officer, Medical Inclusion Officer, Education Wellbeing Advisor, Penalty Notice & Legal Proceedings Officer, Legal Proceedings & Penalty Notice Assistant & Education Support Officer.