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In Devon, we have 177 Local Authority maintained schools and 174 Academies and free schools. By having these large numbers of schools and staff, we can offer vibrant and interesting job roles and careers within Devon that you might not find elsewhere.

Teaching in Devon

We pride ourselves on having a whole range of schools to suit every type of teacher. From bustling city schools, to quieter, more subdued village locations – we can guarantee you’ll find a location you will love to teach in.

As well as the wealth of schools Devon offers, there is a real focus on partnerships, meaning you’ll never be short of someone to network with or seek advice from.

If you’re an aspirational teacher who wants to drive your career forward, we can help with that! We can offer you fantastic connections with teaching schools which will allow you to work with expert leaders, national programmes and continue your professional development. Find teaching posts across Devon.

Education and Learning

Our educational and learning teams work closely with schools, children and families to offer support and advice so all Devon children can access excellent education. Working here, you will play a key role in shaping the futures and making a real difference to the 90,000 pupils in Devon’s education system. If you’re looking for a dynamic, varied role we might just have the job for you. From admissions officers to children’s centre advisorsfind available jobs here