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Passionate about improving children's life chances? Join us to ensure that every Devon child, no matter where they live, receives the same high-quality service.

Social workers are at the heart of what we do.

In Devon, we’re fully committed to providing all the support, training and development our experienced social workers need in order to continue to improve their professional practice.

Our managers ensure that each and every social worker receives the best possible support, including regular supervision, appraisal, and learning and development opportunities.

We have caseloads which enable practitioners to do meaningful work with families and a focus on the quality of practice and improved learning, supervision and support for our social workers.

Our social workers have access to tools and technology to enable them to work smarter – from mobile phones and laptops, to risk assessment training and care planning resources.

Social workers with experience in other social work sectors who wish to broaden their knowledge can join our six-month transition programme, which provides an opportunity for qualified and HCPC registered social workers to be supported to ‘transition’ into a children’s social work role.

We provide structured support and development with regular reviews of progress for all our transition social workers.

This successful programme has supported social workers with experience overseas to join our children’s teams as well as those with experience in areas such as mental health or adults’ teams or those who have taken a career break and want a supported return.

Watch our video below to find out more about social work careers in Devon.

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