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Helping people to lead lives that are as independent and as fulfilling as possible. We want people to be informed, secure and connected.

Social care commissioning is the process of planning and making available public services and solutions that meet the care and support needs of individuals and communities. Achieving best value when we do so and complying to legislation.

We work with individuals and communities to ensure that as we do this we are focused on the things that are important and matter to people. We work with the NHS and others to commission a range of services for people with physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, mental health challenges, learning disabilities, autism and carers.

The collaborative culture across organisations in Devon has created an environment which promotes continued staff learning, development and opportunity.

We employ people across a range of functions including analysing, planning, implementing and reviewing solutions for people’s needs.

Our staff roles include commissioners, project managers, business analysts, contract managers, data analysts, policy officers, administrators and others with a variety of specialist skills including service user involvement, quality assurance and safeguarding.

We recognise that people with lived experience of receiving social care support can give us valuable insights which inform the way in which we work.

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