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Over 25,000 adults in Devon receive social care input; we are at the forefront of delivering a service that meets their needs.

Adult Social Care and Health

Public Health, Adult Social Care and Adult Social Care Commissioning all work in partnership with the NHS and other health and voluntary sector organisations to ensure the health and wellbeing needs for the people of Devon are met.

Working in Public Health

Our focus in Public Health is on preventing ill health, prolonging life and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Our aim is for people to live longer in better health.

There are a wide range of career opportunities across Public Health with teams in data intelligence, business support, emergency planning and commissioning as well as practitioner and specialist roles.

Our team bring specialist knowledge and experience from diverse backgrounds including medicine, healthcare, sports science, environmental health, geography, communication and academia.

Working in Adult Social Care

We have excellent partnership working with the NHS and work within multidisciplinary teams including mental health, community health teams, our Care Direct Centres and with a strong voluntary and private provider sector.

Careers within Adult Social Care include Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs), Social Care Reablement and Reaching for Independence, Brokerage, Social Care Assessor and Team Management roles.

Working in Adult Social Care Commissioning

We are responsible for strategic commissioning and delivery of services to adults with mental health needs; those with complex learning and physical disabilities, long-term conditions, and carers supporting these people.

Opportunities within these teams include commissioning roles, strategic planning, business support, data analysts and project managers.

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Why I enjoy Working for Devon

people are estimated to have dementia by 2026

people are predicted to have a common mental health problem