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Job title: Peripatetic Social Worker

Area of work: Adult Care and Health

Working for Devon County Council is interesting because of the variety; not only the variety of casework and client groups but also variety in terms of the locations you work in. You might be in a rural inland village one month and then in the middle of Exeter the next.

We can work in an agile way anyway – we’ve got Windows 10 laptops, Skype headsets and that sort of thing so provided we’ve got a WiFi connection we can work anywhere. I see this role is good for my career progression too. You really get to understand each team, develop a much clearer understanding of what constitutes best practice and a much better strategic view of adult social care delivery in Devon.

It’s been a great way as someone new to Devon to get to know what is a very attractive and varied county. You also get to work with different sorts of teams, meet new people and work with a range of colleagues. It just enriches your whole working experience.