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Robyn - Information and Cyber Security Manager


Job title: Information and Cyber Security Manager

Area of work: Cyber Security Operations

I previously worked for Devon some years ago until my role was subject to compulsory transfer to a new employer under TUPE. I went on to develop a new set of skills in that role and a few years later, the time came for me to look for further progression. It was coincidental that Devon was recruiting for a position which offered me all that I was looking for and more.

My positive memories of working for Devon meant I jumped at the opportunity to apply and was thrilled to be accepted for the post last summer.

I was aware that working for Devon came with some additional benefits. The opportunity for flexible working, allowing me to work from home and choosing my own start and finish times (whilst complying with relevant policies) allows me to fit in personal appointments and interests which would otherwise be difficult.

The Local Government Pension Scheme is also a big plus point, as well as other offerings including discount schemes, employee assistance programs and more.

Overall, I count myself very lucky that I am in a position where I can make a positive impact with my work and enjoy it too – and I get to do all this whilst living in a truly beautiful part of the country.