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Job title: Programme Manager

Area of work: Finance Transformation

Prior to coming to work for Devon County Council I had spent 15 years working either in or with the public sector. I was looking for public sector work locally having moved to the area to start a family and working for DCC in Finance Transformation was a good fit with my prior experience in management consultancy and central government.

Local governments are very complex organisations. Ensuring sound financial management in the face of austerity, rising demand, developing technology and changing social norms is a huge challenge across Local Government at present and Devon is no exception. This makes the work interesting, and it helps that colleagues here are a thoughtful and supportive bunch with a clear sense of pride in what we do.

Alongside this the employment arrangements are great as a working mum. I was able to negotiate working 4 days a week, so I get to spend a day a week with my twin 3 year olds (a mixed blessing!), and flexi time means I can share nursery pick up and drop off with my husband. Plus I’m finally saving towards my pension again after a few years without one or with just the auto enrolment bare minimum. Outside work we know we made the right choice for us in leaving London and moving to Devon. It’s amazing to have the option of a bbq on the beach and a swim in the sea on a weeknight, and having Dartmoor, forests and sparkling river cycle trails within a short drive means we’re spoilt for choice at weekends.