PPAC 17/18

PPAc 1  area’s covered: Social Care front door, 3 conversations, reviews, goals and Direct Payments

PPAc 1 Presentation Slides

PPAc 1 data

Direct Payments Review

Eligibility Criteria Activity Case Study

Luke Davey Case Study

Kate’s  video – talking about reviews

PPAc 2 area’s covered: Supporting Independence and Assistive Technology

PPAc 2 Supporting Independence

PPAc 2 DCC Process Maps

PPAc 2 Supporting Independence Staff Guidance

OT Becky talks about assistive technology in social care  


PPAc 3 area’s covered: The new paperwork and RAS tool

PPAc 3 presentation slides

Your sensory form example

Your care act assessment

Your care and support plan

Your contact example

OT example assessment

How do we respond to the conversation

All about me

Echo map practice tool

Mapping the good stuff sensory support

Mapping the positive things in your life

Reviewing what is better

Starting the conversation _our work together