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Offering a BA Hons in Social Work or a Post Graduate Diploma and MA in Social Work. (Please note this is only for those already employed by Devon County Council on a permanent contact working in childrens social care. Please do not make emailed enquires regarding being funded by Devon if you are not already an employee).


You must work for Devon County Council on a Permanent Contract within Childrens Social Care.

The following criteria are essential requirements
* have current or previous work experience in social care
* demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm for social work training
* you must be committed to work in frontline social work and to completing the ASYE programme on  completion of your qualification
* meet the entry requirements of the Open University Social Work Degree Program
(you will need to present original copies of your qualifications at interview)
* have shown an interest in social work as a career through your supervision/appraisal process
* have the support of your Line Manager and Area/Operations Manager as you will remain in
* your substantive post during the course of the degree with no backfill
* be committed to remain working for Devon County Council in Children’s Social Care for at least two years post-quali

BA Entry Requirements

PGDip Entry Requirements

Credit Transfer Information

DCC OU SharePoint Site (this link only works for DCC Staff)

When the bursary scheme reopens in Spring of 2021 you will find the correct forms here for download and completion. (Link only works for DCC Employees).

Applications must meet the OU’s requirements, i.e. meet the eligibility criteria for Ba or Ma level of study.

The Academy undertake the assessment centres in conjunction with the OU. This consists of an interview panel with representatives of the Academy, the Open University and a Social Work Practice Educator. There is a young persons panel interview, a written exercise and a group exercise.