Senior Practitioner Role

We have developed a senior practitioner role within our social work teams. Senior practitioners are experienced social workers who have high levels of practice skill and knowledge. They will be responsible for a caseload of work that will be significantly complex and that will require them to integrate and apply high levels of practice standards and quality. An element of  a senior practitioner’s time and role responsibility will be committed to practice development activity. Senior practitioners and the service management team will identify areas of practice development that require some work and focus on research, development, innovation and application to practice.


A senior practitioner development forum has been established to coordinate and share this developmental work and ensure that excellent practice standards are shared across the childrens social care workforce.


The senior practitioner role represents a stage of continual professional development for social workers and has a career point level H ( this is equivalent to an assistant team manager and team manager). It provides an opportunity for social workers to progress their career development whilst remaining in frontline practice and focusing on complex work, practice development and the development of colleagues.


The application process is outlined in the Progression Scheme Guidance

You can view  Job Description here

Appointment is via the application form, portfolio and interview.


For further information please contact either Andrea Morris (Principal Social Worker) or Nigel Stopard (Head Of Academy) for information on the role, and Marion Geare (Senior Workforce Development Advisor, HR Performance) for detail regarding the application process.