Transition Social Work

It is evident that there are a number of qualified social workers who have been away from the profession and need to re-register with the HCPC or  some are working in other service areas and wish to work in children’s social work.

In this transition work we are able to provide 2 opportunities:

  • Transition social work posts
    These posts are available for qualified social workers who have been working in other areas of social work and wish to move to posts in children’s social work. We recognise that this transition needs to be carefully managed. We provide a 6 month guided programme based on individual learning needs. The process is managed by a team manager starting with a learning agreement. A caseload will be managed from the start which will reflect the starting point of the individual and build to reflect the range of work done by the team. This will develop in volume and complexity over the 6 month programme. Learning activity will be provided.

  • Return to social work

    We are able to provide a 30 day placement of learning and development activity to meet part of an individual’s requirement for re registration. Assigned to one team a programme of learning and development activity will be arranged to meet your identified learning needs and to give you a good introduction to understanding the work of children’s social work and the role and responsibilities involved in this. This will involve shadowing social workers in the team and exploring how the service works. More information can be found on the vacancies tab below or please contact A current DBS is required and qualification certificates will need to be verified

Transition Social Work Resources:

Transition Guidance

Corporate Employment Review Form

Job Description