Faculty of succession

This faculty includes a range of professionals in children’s social care. It offers the opportunity for people to engage in different schemes to either transfer into a career in children’s social work from other social work areas or to start to develop an approach to social work qualification

  • Family practitioners

    Working within social work teams as part of a holistic approach to safeguarding and child protection, family practitioners work alongside social workers, children and their families to contribute to the provision of services and the implementation of plans and assessment of people in their situations.

    This role provides both an invaluable contribution to children’s social work and an opportunity to engage with a range of work that will facilitate knowledge and entry to Social work training

  • Re-Registering as a Social Worker

    Lots of people take career breaks for a variety of reasons. The good thing about a social work degree is that it is generic and provides with lots of transferable skills. When returning to social work after a long break, it is important to be clear about the kind of role that you are applying for and that it can fit within your life, as well as the criteria you need to tick off to ensure you’re eligible to be employed again. Those criteria are:

    1.  Re-Registering with the HCPC
    2. Have you registered your interest for a Return to Work programme?
    3. Have you practiced in a statutory setting for over a year or more?
    4. Do you have the right to work in the UK?

    You can find out more by visiting the HCPC website and reading their information.

    Contact the Academy and request a Professional Advisor to call you for an informal chat.

  • Transition social workers

    For those who have been away from the profession and have successfully completed a re-registration process with the HCPC, or those who would like move to Children’s Social Work from other service areas.

    The transition social work programme (TSWP) is a unique initiative in Devon County Council’s childrens social care that responds to elements that we have identified as being important in our recruitment and retention strategy.
    TSWP is an opportunity for experienced qualified social workers to ‘transition’ into a role in childrens social care over a 6 month programme. This programme is for qualified social workers who have either:

    • Developed their practice experience in other social work specialisms
    • Been away from the profession for a number of years and have re-registered with the profession
    • Are qualified social workers from other countries

    In this programme we recognise that to expect these social workers to be fully operational from their initial time with us is unrealistic. Taking appropriate approaches to the learning and development of our staff with realistic expectations is one of our priorities.