Assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE)

We have been involved in providing the ASYE programme since the programme was piloted nationally and have developed our programme over the years to respond to both national changes and individual need. We can now offer a bespoke programme that recognises that Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) will start at different points on their professional journey and will need different forms of support to enable them to develop their professional capability and confidence.

We have responded to national changes by incorporating the knowledge and skills statements for children and families social work  and will continue to develop our programme.

We believe NQSW are our workforce of the future and we are therefore prepared to invest heavily in this area of work to ensure that our staff get the best possible start and have the opportunity to learn and develop their practice. Further, we will provide a range of training and development within the framework of a core curriculum that we believe will provide our NQSW with the knowledge and skills to protect vulnerable children.
We will provide the opportunity to work in the different areas of our children’s social work service and to engage with difficult and complex work with appropriate support and management.

We will provide a framework of support to ensure that each NQSW will get a programme that meets their individual needs whilst also engaging in meeting the required programme milestones.

From the start of your work you will have a line manager, ASYE mentor and social work buddy who will be there to manage and support your progress throughout the year and to guide you in the areas of practice and development identified.