Learning and Development Resources

This page contains key information to support you in your learning journey with Children’s Social Care in Devon.

  • What are the services learning expectations?
    A strong commitment to learning and development from staff, managers and the service is central to achieving the highest standards of practice across the organisation.

  • How do I book on a course?

    We use the council’s online booking system DEL . This is the same website that hosts the council’s e-learning packages e.g. data protection, equality and diversity.

    To review the availability of courses provided by the Academy go to  Social Care – Children and Family – Young People, enter your log in and you will be taken to the course category.

    Review the availability of courses here provided by DCFP , and enter your log in and you will be taken to the course category.

    DEL is supported by a fully staffed helpdesk which is open from 8.00 am – 8.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 am – 5.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. For all booking enquiries call 0845 0744 114

    Please note that permanent DCC staff will be prioritised for courses that are part of the Academy provision. Students on a placement with Devon will only be able to access the training if places become available (i.e. online bookings might be rejected, with the candidate being placed on the waiting list and notified if a place becomes available).

  • What courses are available?
    Our core learning offer is being reviewed and where possible delivery is being converted to virtual sessions and e-learning courses.  To make an enquiry please contact the Children Social Care Academy.

    You can check for current course availability by searching the Course Category ‘Childrens social care/Children, Families & Young People’ in  DEL.

  • What if I can’t attend that date or the course is full?

    There are 2 waiting list options in DEL:
    1. You can put yourself on the waiting list for a full course for that specific date/ venue. If a place becomes available you will automatically be added.
    2. If you can’t do any of the available course dates or all courses are full you can put your name on the waiting list for the course, rather than 1 specific date.

  • What if I can no longer attend a course?

    On average a third of people on our courses do not attend. This represents a significant loss to the service and to the children and families we support.