It is expected that all employees will have an appraisal once a year. Your appraisal is your opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with your manager about your performance looking at:

  • how your role fits with our organisational goals and service priorities
  • a review of recent continued professional development (CPD)
  • your aspirations for next year and beyond – identifying career pathways for the future
  • goals and objectives to measure your performance for next year
  • identifying and development needs
  • any concerns about your role, your team and the wider organisation.

In Adult Care Operations and Health, where applicable the approach also includes discussing the relevant professional framework.

For Social Workers you need to include evidence from your role and discuss how it relates to the Professional capabilities framework. When looking at the PCF you will need to look at the levels within the PCF to find the descriptions at the level that is relevant to your post.

For Occupational Therapists this will mean referring to the Post qualifying framework. Please be aware this is a long document if you choose to print it.

There are two forms to select from for this year, a form for managers and a form for employees. Both are closely linked to the corporate appraisal form. The forms have been developed to allow the discussion to focus on the experience and context for Adult Care Operations and Health.

This is the appraisal form for managers. In addition you will need to carry out a 360 degree assessment against the manager standard. You will be sent a link to your survey on the Survey Monkey portal with instructions on who to send the link to in order to get 360 feedback. When your survey closes a copy of your report will be sent to you and your line manager and will form part of your appraisal discussion. To initiate this process please send an email to Marion Geare stating the name of the person who will be the subject of the 360, their email address and the name of the line manager.

This is the appraisal form for employees.

Within the appraisals you are required to share and discuss two observations of practice. To support this you can use these observation tools. One refers to HCPC standards and the second is more generic.

You may also find it helpful to refer to the guide on Inside Devon about appraisals and how to prepare.