5. Work in a person centred way

Person centred values are the guiding principles that help to put the interests of the individual receiving care or support at the centre of everything we do.

In this workbook is an explanation of the ‘6 C’s’ values that are referred to in most of the Care Certificate workbooks.

Teaching Resources:

Skills for Care workbook – underpinning knowledge and principles for all health and social care workers.

Supervision – discussing the Service’s person centred values and what this looks like in practice.

Shadowing experienced and competent colleagues.

Assessment Resources

Skills for Care workbook – questions to evidence your knowledge and understanding

(DCC – model answers are available in the County Wide Best Practice folder)

Observations – link to observations to evidence competence.

Assessors note: there is very little space in this workbook for the worker to write or type their answers, so please encourage the use of separate paper or Word documents.

The limited space and wording of the questions may make some staff feel anxious, particularly if they have English as a second or other language or have literacy difficulties.

It is acceptable to ask questions to ensure the worker really understands; to encourage them to use examples from their work. The understanding of person centred values is more important than fluent and grammatically correct writing!

Where the workbook says care or support plan, Social Care Reablement can read this as ‘goal plan’.