11. Safeguarding Children

To meet the Care Certificate standards, adult social care  workers need to:

Explain what they must do if they suspect a child, young person ( met in any circumstances) is being abused or neglected.


The Safeguarding Alerter training now includes guidance on Safeguarding children, so there is no need to do additional training to meet Care Certificate Standards.

For staff who require training just of Children’s safeguarding – you can use a 15 minute DVA from the Devon Safeguarding Children’s Board website.

It provides all  the very basic information you need plus contact numbers.

  • Target Group

Staff or volunteers in infrequent/irregular contact with children, young people and/or parents/carers who may become aware of possible abuse or neglect or observe situations which cause them to be concerned.


  • Have a basic understanding of the impact of child maltreatment
  • Be able to recognise basic signs and symptoms of child abuse or neglect
  • Recognise the impact of the parent/carers physical/mental state on their ability to care for their children
  • Know how and to whom to report concerns
  • Share information as appropriate

It can be viewed online, you will need headphones/speakers

Or to order a copy email: catherine.knight@devon.gov.uk

 DSCB: Group 1 Introduction – Child Protection and Safeguarding