7. Privacy and Dignity

Privacy is about having your own space and keeping your personal information confidential.

Despite being widely used and discussed, dignity has seemed a difficult term to pin down. It is often linked with respect from others and with privacy, autonomy and control, with self-respect and individuality as the basic principles of person centred care.

Training Resources

Skills for Care workbook – underpinning knowledge and principles for all health and social care workers

This is one of the new Standards (not included in the Common Induction standards) so some experienced staff may not have had the I opportunity to look at  privacy and dignity in any depth. The DCC workbook is designed to be used in team meetings to ensure all the team have the same message about privacy and dignity and how it works in their service.

Assessment Resources

Skills for Care workbook – questions to evidence your knowledge and understanding

(DCC – model answers are available in the County Wide Best Practice folder)

Observations – link to observations to evidence competence.

For the whole team, the DCC workbook has space for reflection.

Staff undertaking the Care Certificate will need to complete the Skills for Care Workbook as part of their transferable evidence. For staff not doing the Care Certificate – the DCC workbook is good evidence for CQC.