4. Equality and Diversity

Training Resources

Skills for Care workbook – underpinning knowledge and principles for all health and social care workers

Assessment Resources

Skills for Care workbook – questions to evidence your knowledge and understanding

Observations – link to observations to evidence competence.

Note: it is unlikely that you will undertake an observation purely about equality and diversity.

It is better to observe an activity that covers several Standards at one time: For example, a worker supporting someone to eat or drink ; to manage their personal care; to attend a community group or be a partner in completing a form/assessment.  Such activities will provide opportunity for the worker to demonstrate their principles, knowledge and skills in a real situation.

Remember that the Care Certificate resources can be used for staff  new to your service  or experienced staff if there is no evidence that they have undertaken training in this topic before.

For experienced staff who might benefit from a refresher in equality and diversity and as an opportunity for teams to explore how their service works in a non-discriminatory and inclusive way, further resources are available in the Where Needed/CPD menu