3. Duty of Care

In a nutshell, Duty of Care means:  Promoting wellbeing and making sure that people are kept safe from harm, abuse and injury

Duty of Care pulls together Safeguarding; working in partnership; legislations – such as the Care Act; health and safety; person centred working. 

Teaching Resources:

Duty of Care in DCC – information about how Duty of Care works in DCC and in your service.

Skills for Care workbook – underpinning knowledge and principles for all health and social care workers

Further information on Human Rights and the Care Act can be accessed from here – this is not strictly necessary to complete your Care Certificate, but will be useful if you decide to develop your knowledge.

Assessment Resources

Duty of Care in DCC has space for your reflective practice – how what you have learnt can be used in your work to improve lives.

Skills for Care workbook – questions to evidence your knowledge and understanding

Observations – link to observations to evidence competence.