6. Communication

Teaching Resources

Skills for Care workbook – underpinning knowledge and principles for all health and social care workers

Shadowing of experienced colleagues

You may have training in specific skills for your workplace such as Total Communication; use of assistive technology; care and use of hearing aids.

See also

Standard 9: for further information about communicating well with people with dementia, learning disabilities and mental health conditions.

Standard 10: Safeguarding Adults – Standard 6 refers to time when you will need to break confidentiality

Standard 14:  Handling Information – Standard 6 refers to confidentiality.

Assessment Resources 

Skills for Care workbook – questions to evidence your knowledge and understanding

(DCC – model answers are available in the County Wide Best Practice folder)

Observations – link to observations to evidence competence.

Specialist Appendix – recording your knowledge and skill in supporting specific individuals in your service with their communication needs