Care Certificate Standards

Each Standard has:

Teaching resources:

Workbook from Skills for Care – the first section has the information needed for the underpinning principles for all health and social care roles.

Workbooks from DCC – information specific to the way we work in DCC or a summary of information about a topic (for Example Privacy and Dignity)

Links to other information such as national or organisational information

Assessment resources

Workbooks from Skills for Care – to ensure the Care Certificate is transferable, we are using the Skills for Care workbooks so that other employers can quickly see the Care Certificate has been completed.

Staff should use the DCC workbooks to record reflective practice- their ideas on how their learning can be put into practice to improve peoples’ lives.

Use other supplied quizzes to demonstrate knowledge understanding (e.g. the Code of Conduct quiz for Standard 1 Understand your Role)

Observations: some Standards need an observation to evidence the person is competent.

Each Standard has a link to the observations pages.

Also here is a Specialist Appendix – this is for workplaces to detail and check progress towards becoming competent in the specific needs of the workplace and individuals using the service.

Keep all completed resources in the Induction folder as evidence of competence.