Hand Hygiene

What Suggested use Where are they?
Hand Hygiene Leaflet All services
  • Hand Hygiene Leaflet
    (to print leaflet, set your printer instructions to print on both sides and flip on short edge)
Hand Hygiene Quiz (and answers) All services -as a before/after knowledge check in conjunction with hand hygiene leaflet
Glitterbug Kits (hand lotion and UV light)

In conjunction with hand hygiene leaflet or hand washing / gel posts or after DVD.

Trainer to go first to demonstrate and call attention to frequently missed areas

All residential homes, day services & community services district offices have a Glitterbug Kit.

Further supplies can be obtrained by emailing: hrtahelp@devon.gov.uk


Hand washing / gel audit – use in small group or team meeting training sessions as part of the leaflet or DVD and as a spot check audit.

Hand hygiene environmental audit – use in small groups to raise awareness of standards

DVD (YouTube clips)

All services

These clips are made in hospitals so you will need to support some staff to apply the learning to their service and role

Watch online:

Further copies available to loan from: hrtahelp@devon.gov.uk

Borrow a DVD from the Learning Gallery For visual learners, this might be helpful in conjunction with or without the leaflet. Check application to practice with the Glitterbug Kit and audits ResourceCode/No: HSGE /9dvd
Effective hand hygiene
Publisher: BVS Video

Borrow a DVD from Workforce Development Set in a care home. If used for Community Services, the scenes would need to be discussed regarding how the principles applied
Focus on Infection Control
10 Study Scenarios to Support Training in Infection Control (hand washing is in scenes: 1,3a,6,8,10).To borrow a DVD: hrtahelp@devon.gov.uk

Notes to support the DVD:


A number of simple activities can be made to add interest to a hand hygiene session:

e.g; make a quiz physical by asking true/false questions requiring people to move to one part of the room or another to demonstrate their answer Make a ‘pass the parcel’ by putting an infection control question or activity between each layer

Services to make/customise own resources