Social Care Reablement

What is Social Care Reablement?
Social Care Reablement is a short-term social care service. The service supports people to regain confidence, learn or relearn the skills necessary to undertake daily living activities such as washing and dressing, preparing and cooking meals or getting out and about in the community.

When could individuals use this service?
If an individual has recently been admitted to hospital, has had a period of illness or injury and are concerned about managing at home, they may be eligible for this service.

What happens when people have Social Care Reablement?
When the service starts, a Reablement Team Leader will ask what it is individuals want to be able to do for themselves (these will be their ’goals’) and they will agree with them how they can be supported to do these things independently. The ‘goals’ will be reviewed regularly with the individual and the amount of visits and support given will be adjusted as people gain in confidence. The Service can continue for a maximum of four weeks.

How do people ask for Social Care Reablement?
If people feel they would benefit from a period of this type of support, contact (or ask someone to do this on their behalf) Care Direct on 0345 1551 007