Learning Disabilities and Dementia

People with a learning disability are at greater risk of developing dementia as they get older compared to the general population (Cooper 1997).
People with Down’s syndrome are at a particular risk of developing the disease. According to the Down’s Syndrome Association, as many as one in three people with the condition develop dementia in their lifetime, usually as a result of Alzheimer’s disease.

For DCC learning Disability Services, the training resource provided is Supporting Derek.
Please contact WD admin if your service doesn’t have a copy.

Further information on Supporting Derek and related resources- such as free downloads on pain management for people with learning disabilities and dementia
Some of the film can be viewed on You Tube.

Further information:

Foundation for people with learning disabilities:
The link from this page to the Down’s Syndrome association doesn’t seem to be working – use this one: http://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/for-families-and-carers/health-and-well-being/getting-older/alzheimers-disease/

SCIE( Social Care Institute for Excellence)

McIntyre – includes links to downloadable, free easy read information on what is dementia, including a template booklet that could be customised to include in a person’s support plan ; discussion cards on ‘what would you say…’ for use in staff training; a top tips book for staff on what good support look like.

BILD ( British Institute of Learning Disabilities