Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Maintaining skin health is an important part of good standards of care in health and social care settings.
When skin breaks there is pain, discomfort and loss of function which can lead to more serious risk of harm and infection, so prevention of damage is an everyday concern for care agencies.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) monitors standards in care agencies. The CQC uses its essential standards to guide its inspections; outcome 20 refers to skin care.

Care agencies have a duty to escalate pressure ulcers to relevant healthcare professionals, e.g. district nurse or GP. Please ask your manager for your agencies escalation process.

We offer – on demand – a 3 hour course which can be held in your workplace ( minimum number 8)
Please use the waiting list facility:

Online information:
Stop the pressure – information for care homes

Your Turn aims to prevent pressure ulcers through education. We help people understand who is at risk, and what they can do to avoid getting a pressure ulcer.

 Judy Waterlow – a website explaining the Waterlow pressure ulcer risk assessment and prevention tool.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention in care agencies:
Includes a link to a downloadable very clear leaflet for staff ( useful for Induction) and people using the service:
Pressure ulcers: leaflet for patients and health professionals