Stress and Resilience

Stress is a significant cause of mental and physical ill health. The Health and Safety Executive describes stress at work as a ‘major problem.’ It accounts for about 40% of all work-related illness. Work-related stress is a particular issue in social care.
Simply put, resilience is the ability to cope under pressure. A person who copes well under pressure is resilient.
Research suggests that the ability to cope well under pressure is based on a positive outlook, combined with strategies to manage pressure.

The following resources from Skills for Care Are designed to help managers and staff build resilience.

Section 1: What is resilience and why does it matter
Section 2: Who is responsible for resilience
Section 3: What can I do as an employer to develop the resilience of the people who work fir me?
Section 4: What can individuals do to develop their own resilience?
Section 5: Where can I find out more about resilience?