DCC approach to the Care Certificate

DCC adult social care provider induction combines national standards (Care Certificate) with DCC organisational standards and service/workplace standards. Together they make up Induction – Done Well!

DCC’s approach to the Care Certificate ensures staff are trained and assessed to national standards and have a portable Care Certificate – one that is recognised and valued by all adult social care employers.

To achieve this all staff need to adhere to the following strategy:

  • All staff new to DCC adult provider services need to be assessed against Care Certificate Standards
  • Where staff have identified gaps in their knowledge and skills, Line Managers will use Induction – Done Well! resources to  meet learning needs and evidence  good practice.
  • Induction should take around 3 months for full time staff and 4 months for part time staff.
  • All evidence should be kept together in an Induction file as a demonstration of knowledge and competence and to be used towards further qualifications
  • Evidence = workbooks; certificates with accompanying reflective practice on what was learn and how this will be put into practice in the workplace; observations.
  • The Care Certificate workbooks will be the Skills for Care versions.
  • Model answers for the Skills for Care workbooks can be found in the County Wide Best Practice Folder/training/induction.
  • Line Managers agree to use these answers to maintain consistency in marking.
  • Under no circumstances should the answer books be shared directly or indirectly  with staff undertaking Induction.


DCC adult provider services are members of the South West Care Certificate Consortium.

The Consortium exists to share good practice and quality assure the use of the Care Certificate.

Model answers for the Skills for Care Workbooks will be standardised by Consortium members. 

Future developments:

As DCC social care provider services have a relatively low turnover of staff, it makes sense to join with other Care Certificate Consortium members to organise Induction to Care Certificate Standards.

A WD adviser will be our representative on the Consortium.

For further information email tracey.bird@nhs.net