Assessing Induction

Who can assess:

An Assessor must be occupationally competent – experienced staff who hold a recognised qualification (such as an NVQ 3 in Care/Health and Social Care Diploma).

It will usually be a Team Leader, but it can be other people.

For example:  Basic Life Support (Standard 12), the assessor will be the Save a Life or Emergency First Aid trainer

How to assess

Assessors must familiarise themselves with the information in the Skills for Care Assessor Document.

Three other documents will help with assessment:

Induction planner – A copy can be sent to the new member of staff before they start so they are clear about their Induction.

Assessment Plan – to agree how and when the member of staff will be assessed e.g observations; workbooks; discussions.

Workbook and Course Tracker – to be given to the new member of staff with the dates of their courses and expected completion of workbooks

Assessing experienced staff:

Information for line managers of people who are already working in adult social care or come to you with a completed Care Certificate.

Signing off

Model answers are supplied for the Skills for Care workbooks and stored in the County Wide Best Practice folder. These are for guidance – Assessors must satisfy themselves that the workbooks are the person’s own work and they fully meet the Standards.

Certificates: Standards can be signed off separately and a final certificate given for overall completion.

The Manager of the service takes responsibility for signing off the completed Induction.