Personal Health and Hygiene

All social care workers will complete the workbook ‘Preventing Infection: Workbook and Guidance for Health and Social Care Staff’ within their Induction period. For copies email:

Each service may have its own time span for refresher training ranging from 1-3 years. It is the responsibility of the line manager to ensure the worker remains competent and confident in their practice, irrespective of the stated refresher period.

Line Managers can decide which of the resources and ideas listed are relevant and inspiring for their teams to keep knowledge and skills in infection control current and a priority.

Monitoring learning and application to practice

All staff should be using the DCC Transfer of Learning Form for each learning opportunity. Observations can be undertaken before and after the learning session. Learning can also be checked by using a quiz before and after a session. And application to practice checked using an audit or observations

Personal Health & Hygiene


WhatSuggested useWhat are they?

Health Safety & Wellbeing Guidance Note: Health Issues for Employees.

This guidance document brings together information regarding various health related issues that employees may be exposed to during their work. The aim of the document is to identify possible exposures and the controls that should be in place, to signpost to other relevant DCC documents and to identify sources of support and information for managers and employees.

For managers to familiarise themselves and use where appropriate to support their staff.
Controls to prevent the spread of infectionPage 4 refers to Personal hygiene
Personal Health and Hygiene QuizAnnual refresher for all staff
Wellbeing@workFor advice on:

  • Stress and work/life balance
  • Health promotion
  • Caring for your back
  • Making referrals to W@W
  • Managing absence