Chain of Infection

All social care workers will complete the ‘Preventing Infection: Workbook and Guidance for Health and Social Care Staff’ within their induction period. For copies email:

Each service may have its own time span for refresher training ranging from 1-3 years. It is the responsibility of the line manager to ensure the worker remains competent and confident in their practice, irrespective of the stated refresher period.

Line Managers can decide which of the resources and ideas listed are relevant and inspiring for their teams to keep knowledge and skills in infection control current and a priority.

Monitoring learning and application to practice

All staff should be using the Devon County Council Transfer of Learning Form for each learning opportunity. Learning can also be checked by using a quiz before and after a session. And application to practice checked using an audit or observations.

Chain of infection

Outcomes: Staff can name the ‘links ‘in the chain of infection and know which Standard Precautions can break the chain.

Use the resources here as a bite sized introduction to Infection Control Refresher followed by further bite sized sessions on Standard Precautions and other infection control topics : hand washing; PPE; waste management (including sharps and laundry where appropriate) cleaning and disinfecting; personal hygiene; specific conditions and outbreaks. Or you may want to join two or more topics together. E.g chain of infection with hand washing and outbreaks.


 What Suggested Use  Where are they
Video clips

Most video clips are set in hospitals. Nevertheless, they are quite funny/shocking and make the point.

You will need a computer with speakers.

Trainer’s Handbook & DVD

The Infection Control and prevention handbook


Powerpoint DVD with clear, easy to read notes in a handbook.

Quite detailed. Covers all standard precautions – probably best used for staff who need a deeper level of information or who wish to take on a specialist role in the team.

DVD to borrow from:
Online Tuition

To refresh in an interesting way. It should take about 15 mins.

There can be a lot of medical jargon in descriptions of chain of infection – this is the simplest.

Chain of Infection Quiz