Social Care Assessor Rotation Scheme

Social Care Assessor Rotation Scheme. 

This scheme has been designed to offer Social Care Assessors the opportunity to undertake a rotation, for a fixed period of time, in a different team. This rotation includes: between Care Direct Plus (CDP) and Community Health and Social Care (CHSC) Teams, and also between different CHSC teams.  

The objectives of the scheme are: 

  • To develop workers’ skills and knowledge in different areas of work (for example, in face to face work or on the telephone, both of which require specific skills
  • To support teams and individuals to better understand the work process and work pressures at all stages in the care pathway;
  • To provide better outcomes for service users and their carers by improved communication between CDP and CHSCT (through enhanced understanding of each other’s roles.
  • To aid the professional development of staff through the development of a career pathway for Social Care Assessors, which will hopefully result in improved retention and recruitment of staff.
  • All Social Care Assessors who have been in post for a minimum of at least 12 months are eligible to apply to participate in the rotation scheme, although the scheme is reliant on an appropriate swap being able to be arranged.

Please note: this is NOT the same as the SCA Internal Transfer process which is a permanent arrangement.

Any Social Care Assessors who are interested in undertaking a rotation need to discuss this with their manager in the first instance, and if your manager is in agreement, an “Expression of Interest in Rotation” form  will need to be completed and forwarded to Janice Healey, ( , indicating areas of interest and geographical locations considered.

For more information on the scheme, contact Bev Harvey (