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My fab year

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I DONT KNOW..... what 2018 will bring BUT I if its like 2017 then I will be Happy Clappy! Those who know me, will know my love for colour and creating Funky & Bizarre, Art, T-Shirts Cushions, Mugs, Stickers etc ……. I do all this NOT because I have to, but because it brings me so much joy….. it makes me happy ! Although I don't get much time, as I work full time, in 2017 I achieved so much ! ✅I Got my article published in the Dawn French ‘You. Me. A Diary’ ✅I learnt how to build my own website. ✅I learnt some basic email marketing. ✅I learnt about drop shipping products so they are available worldwide ! Eeeek ! ✅I had my Art seen, displayed and sold in a local gallery. ✅I had my first large canvas printed. ✅I gained 3000 Instagram followers. ✅I enrolled in many Photoshop courses. ✅I wrote my first Blog. ✅I learnt to print and frame my own Art. ✅I passed my first Sign Language exam ...and most of all I STEPPED RIGHT OUT MY COMFORT ZONE ! I have also made some life long connections with some amazing people ONLINE, yes the cyber world ! ( I am on a mission to meet you all in the flesh in 2018 ! ;-) ❌ IT’S HARD AT TIMES …. I still have so much I want to learn, sometimes it can feel like its a never ending task. I am just like everyone else, I get days when I am overwhelmed and confused, and I have made some blinding mistakes ha ! When those feelings slap me in the face, I just go back to the basics and remember that creating makes me happy and that I want to share my work with the world, and keep meeting like minded people. I still have so many things I want to photograph and create ( I have a massive box of items waiting for me upstairs ) I have other platforms and avenues I want to experiment with, so I can get my art seen by more people. So this is a BIG THANK YOU for all who have shared my page, interacted and enjoyed my ART and my FUN. Without you it would still be hidden away on my hard drive. Bring-On 2018 BOOOOM! 🌈 LOVE TO YOU ALL !

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